So It Goes

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Here are a few of my favorite NBC Sports columns, even the ones about all the times the circa-2011 Red Sox broke my heart.

NBC Sports, October 18: “The Meek Shall Inherit the Turf: Tim Tebow is Named Broncos Starter

NBC Sports, October 11: “Fandalism: Zero Tolerance For Spectator Interference

NBC Sports, October 6: “When is a Scapegoat Not a Really a Scapegoat?

NBC Sports, September 27: “Money for Nothing…Literally

NBC Sports, September 23: “Kill Rivalries? I’d Rather Kill the BCS

NBC Sports, September 12: “The Red Sox Won’t Blow this, Right?

NBC Sports, September 7: “After the Attacks, We Needed the Games

NBC Sports, September 1: “NCAA Football: It’s Not Just About the Scandals

NBC Sports, August 23: “So, What If Tiger Never Wins Again

NBC Sports, August 16: “Little League Gets a Big Overkill

NBC Sports, August 9: “A-Rod: The Most Polarizing Man in MLB

NBC Sports, August 2: “Don’t Call Us, Tiger. We’ll Call You.

NBC Sports, July 25:  “We Can Believe in the Tour Again

NBC Sports, July 19: “We Don’t Rule Overseas, But That’s OK

NBC Sports, July 11: “US Women Finally Out of Hamm’s Shadow

NBC Sports, July 6: “Who Is Baseball’s Next Big Name?

NBC Sports, June 28: “Following Artest’s Lead in the Name Game

NBC Sports, June 20: “Williams Sisters Add Spice to Wimbledon

NBC Sports, June 15: “LeBron or Tiger: Who’s the Villain Now?

NBC Sports, June 8: “NHL Learns the Downside of Living With Violence

NBC Sports, May 30: “What Makes a Sports Villain?

NBC Sports, May 26: “Dale & Danica: Why the Hype?

NBC Sports, May 19: “Cut American Tennis Some Slack

NBC Sports, May 13: “Why We Can’t Quit the Red Sox-Yanks Rivalry

NBC Sports, May 4: “Cheers, Jeers to Good, Bad & Streaky

NBC Sports, March 2: “Still in the Dark Ages About Gays & Sports

NBC Sports, November 12: “Small Schools, Biggest Rivalry