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Because three of you emailed to ask about ‘em…

Brinsley Schwarz: “Surrender to the Rhythm”
Live on The Old Grey Whistle Test (1973)

The Schwarz fit solidly in the Pub Rock genre, those bands who took a sharp right away from the prog and glam rock movements and started playing stripped down country-tinged rock & roll in clubs and pubs around London in the early 70s.

Brinsley Schwarz—borrowing a name from their guitarist, um, Brinsley Schwarz—featured a young Nick Lowe on bass ‘n’ vox and were some of the most successful pub rockers to roll out of Kentish Town. They released six studio albums before splitting up in ‘75; most of the members just packed their gear and joined other bands, while Lowe carved out a pretty swell career as a producer and solo artist.

Fun Fact: Nick Lowe wrote the now-classic “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love & Understanding” for their 1974 New Favourites album. He later produced some tracks for a bloke named Elvis Costello and passed that song off to him as a B-side.  It charted in the UK—doing far better than the flip side of the 451—and was tagged on to the U.S. release of Armed Forces.

Fun Fact Two: In the above clip, Nick Lowe rocks one of the most unfortunate hairstyles ever committed to film.

Fun Fact Three: If you could take all the worthless bits of musical trivia out of my brain and place them end to end, I’d probably have a better chance at getting laid.

1 Nick Lowe’s “American Squirm” but none of you are still reading at this point.  I could write anything down here so I’ll just take this can of Raid and put it in my eye and spray and spray and spray.

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